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Young Magician

Product Description

The Young Magican 101 Tricks A Race To Become The World's Greatest Magician! 101 Amazing Magic Tricks A Fascinating Magician's Kit With Instruction And Accessories For Performing 101 Tricks! A Fantastic Magic Trick Set That Includes 101 Professional Caliber Tricks For Beginners That Are Easy To Master. Young Magicians Will Improve Their Confidence And Fine Motor Skills As They Amaze Their Family And Friends With The Exciting Tricks And Illusions. This Set Include Some Famous Classic Tricks Like The Magic Clips, Shooting Stars, Mystic Number, The Cups & Balls, Clinging Wand, Incredible Money Paddle, Vanishing Knot, Moving Match Box Etc. For Performing These Tricks Successfully You Need To Follow Enclosed Instruction Carefully, Practice Each Trick Thoroughly And Keep The Rules Of The Game. Includes Latest Magic Tricks With Gung-ho Box Ages 8 & Up.

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