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Wireless Headphones

Product Description

*Wireless cartoon Headphones*

*Wireless Wireless Wireless*

*The most wanted and kids favourite is here to make their online studies more fun and enjoyable in this Lockdown.*
Kids can comfortably *Bluetooth* connect to all their favorite music, movies, and games, without disturbing others, thanks to the Cartoon on-ear headphones for kids.
The portable headphones offer youthful style, a compact folding design, and easy take-along convenience.
From car trips and plane rides to weekends at Grandma's, the kid-sized headphones help keep lag-time and quiet-time filled with digital fun and entertainment.
The lightweight headphones feature cushioned, pressure-relieving ear pads that rest gently on the ears--versus completely covering the ears.
Adjust the headphones as needed to ensure the perfect fit. accommodate a kid's personal sense of style.

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