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Fish Frenzy

Product Description

Dory’s friends are hiding inside cute cards. You have Nemo, Becky, Crush, Otter, Charlie, Destiny...., all hanging around. Can you make pairs of  them and grab all the cards spread out on the table/floor? Can you beat others and be the first one to collect all of Dory’s friends in your hands?

An fun,enjoyable, simple card game that can keep children busy and happy for hours together. For, would they want to leave the company of these folks! 

Age group: 3+


  1. Designed for small children
  2. Ideal for two players 
  3. About 15 minutes of gameplay
  4. High-quality rich color printing
  5. Small cards, suitable for children
  6. Safe colors

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box  13.5x10.5x2 cm

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