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As a Gifting  Solutions Store , we meet so many parents especially during the course of the year and this is always a hot topic for discussion. Should they invite the whole class to their child’s birthday party or not? Well in some cases, parents sadly don’t have a choice as their school may have adopted a policy whereby, the whole class needs to be included which can cause so many issues on lots of different levels including: cost, venue space and being overwhelming for the birthday child, to name a few. In our experience we have found the biggest debate on the matter is normally focused around some children in the class that simply don’t get on and your child insisting that they shouldn’t be present. And we totally understand, for instance, it can be very difficult to extend an invitation to a child that has been bullying your child although, your party could be the best opportunity to get this child on board and get to know their parents better.

As Parents we would  not want to exclude a single child or even just a handful from attending a party although, but when the class sizes are 20+, it does become a dilemma.  Here are some pointers which we hope you will find useful -

  • Get your child involved – let’s not forget it is their birthday. We would highly recommend organizing the party together from the invites, return gifts , food to the cake. 
  • Invitation distribution – if you are not inviting the whole class, be diplomatic. You can be more discreet by contacting parents individually and explaining that not everyone is being included for the birthday party.
  • How to limit your numbers? – you can always invite just the girls or boys to your party,as kids grown up say at the age of 6 or 7 and above they have their own preferences of birthday themes like princess theme so you call just all the girls for same and be safe .
  • Not sure about inviting a particular child? – a client had expressed their concerns about a particular child being invited to their party, as they had witnessed naughty behavior. Therefore, if you do want to include them, perhaps invite their parent as well to stay during the course of the party and ask that they supervise their child.

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