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Incredible techniques to become your child’s favourite using Positive Reinforcement

While trying to be the child’s eye-candy, parents often end up spoiling their children. It is simply because they do not point out their mistakes and just remain silent. Beware; this kind of reinforcement is going to ruin your child’s future. You might become ‘The best’ in their eyes but they are not going to render importance to your words later.

Here are some of the ways of positive reinforcement in which you can be your child’s idol and raise them as a responsible person.

* 5/50- So, how do you react when your child does something wrong? You must be ready with 500 harsh words to scream, right? This is not going to work, Parents! Instead use of those 500, you should speak only 5. It is very easy to stretch the issue and engage in power struggle. However, you need to remain calm to avoid fight and further debate. Just speak what is needed!

* Brag calendar- This can be the best positive reinforcement. What you can do is hang a calendar above your kid’s study table or bed and write one positive behaviour each day. Say that positive thing aloud in front of your child in order to praise him/her. At the end of each month, you can give your child a treat for doing such good tasks.

* Love-you notes- It is important to express how much you love your child. You can stick post-it notes all around the house with some cute and loving messages for your kid. Express the joy you feel with your kid and how much he/she means to you .This way of positive reinforcement will strengthen the bond between you and your child

* Connect the dots- Another positive reinforcement is to praise your child. Parents can buy a connect-the-dots book for their children. Every time when the child does something good or praiseworthy, parents can ask him/her to connect the dot. At the end, when all the dots are connected, a treat must be awarded to him/her.

* Feeling code- With your children, you can develop a feeling code. For instance, you can rate 1 to the situation when the child is less angry and rate 3 with the highest degree of anger. Parents and children can mutually discuss some examples to rate the feelings. It will help the parents to recognize the level of anger the child is experiencing in a situation. It can be finest way of positive reinforcement to help children in expressing their emotions.

Besides the above mentioned tips, you can have a relaxation corner. In place of calling it a ‘timeout’, you should name it ‘relaxation corner. Just have a pillow or a stress ball and relax. This can serve as a better positive reinforcement technique. Another way to be your child’s favourite is by rewarding him/her for a specific behaviour. For instance, you can promise the child to get him an ice cream once he finishes the dinner.

Therefore, all these positive reinforcement tricks and tips are surely going to help you to implement the finest possible approach to be good to your children and raise them in the finest manner.


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