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Happy Journey from a Professional to SAHM

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!!! What a movie it was!! Beautiful people, melodies songs and a great message, “You won’t get another life”. I watched the movie, debated with couple of close friends and very comfortably forgot about it. My life wasn’t bad at all. Had a wonderful husband, cute lil kid, good job, good friends, some annoying ones too but it was all good. I won’t deny though that I was a bit stressed sometime as I was a new mommy,  not spending much time with my kid, had some people around me who din’t like me and made it too obvious, few competitive ones too and i was stuck in the vicious circle of being busy, no vacation, talking about traffic, etc, etc. Well I was doing pretty good in my career. I was enjoying my work thoroughly and was about to get promoted in couple of more months as told by my superiors couple of times and then hubby got an assignment in the US and I left all this as i always wanted to spend sometime in US. It wasn’t an easy call but i knew i had to do it.

Then the life changed upside down. I, who have been work ing for so many years, was at home all the time, spending time with a super energetic hyper kid which was kind a overwhelming and honestly I dint enjoy it. I was a nagging wife, would call hubby couple a times at work, shout and would go mad if he’s chilling out with friends on a Friday evening. I was desperate to get my Work Permit and in between we planned a trip to San Diego. It was wonderful and very satisfying trip where we three had spent some quality time together. During the trip, i just had a thought that what else i was looking for in my life. Is this not the most precious thing of my life!!! But such thoughts don’t last once you are back. So i did a small trick. Sat down, made a plan to do all the things that i wanted to do, joined couple of classes, found a kids club, found a dance class, yoga class and got back to my cooking but here was the real trick. I added a reminder to my phone which said “Be Happy and Thankful for what you got”. That reminder does work like a miracle. It rang for two continuous days and i checked and then tried changing my mood. By the third day, it rang and i just smiled that i don’t have to change anything. i was already happy. I started loosing weight which was my long time agenda, started going to dance class which is my passion, started taking long walks with my darling son, started playing and singing old songs to him as he is into singing and again it was my agenda since he was born. Baked the yummiest cup cakes. And one day, i realized what a perfect life i have now. Its not about cooking or dancing or yoga, its about doing things which are on your list and you are waiting for that one day. Thank God i got my one day this soon. What is I was back in my country and had never gotten this chance. What if i had been making the list of these things and cribbing about not doing any of these!!!! Scarryyyyy!!!!

Its not that I don’t want to get back to work now. I can’t wait for it. Have already started going to coding clubs, meetups, oh yah, Im an IT girl by profession :) but as of today, I don’t have any regrets of not doing things which i always wanted to. I spend my time the way I want, Im not stressed, Im more spiritual, have no negative thoughts, I don’t hate the people who don’t like me now, I dance, run, cook, eat, take vacations, take pictures and creating my memories because Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara :)

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