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5 Amazing tips to get your kids demand healthy vegetables

Food stores today are full of junk food options that attract kids like anything. You must replace junk food with some healthy and appealing food snacks so that, your ‘super picky eater’ kids gets over with the obsession of junk food.

Below are some interesting ideas to encourage a healthy diet for your kids-

       5 Healthy ways to get off junk food

  1. Sweet Potato Fries- Sweet potatoes are known to be rich in fiber and beta carotene. As compared with their white cousins, they are a healthier option. Kids just love munching those potato fries in Mc Donald’s and other restaurants. So, why not let them eat as much as they want? Yes, only sweet potato fries! Just a little twist in the typical fries can keep your kids off the junk food.
  2. Salads- Many kids run away from eating cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroot and other veggies in salads. You can try a trick here too! Just grate all the veggies or cut them into small pieces and mix them well. Moms can even try those stencil cutters that cut the vegetables into different shapes like heart, oval etc. Now, try to add some sweet berries, cherries, almonds or cashews to it. For that extra yummy taste, give a simple dressing of salt, lemon, pepper and maple syrup to the mixed veggies 
  3. Sliced pears and apples- No doubt, sliced fruits always make an amazing nutritious snack. However, kids may not love it the way they are. You can make simple additions to these sliced fruits by dipping the slices into orange juice or into almond butter. It will give them an added sweetness and make them healthy to them. If your kids love raw milk cheddar cheese then you can top those apple wedges with a slice of it and make it a protein rich snack.
  4. ‘Green’ smoothies- Some kids simply dislike the green color of those smoothies. They do not even taste the smoothies that are green in color. Moms can add antioxidant rich berries to it so that, the final color of the smoothie is blue or purple. Your kids will not know that you have added baby romaine and healthy spinach to it.
  5. Trail mix- This one is the best alternative to chocolates. You just need to toss cashew pieces, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sunflower seeds and carob chips together and make a healthy snack for kids. Barley malt gives it a sweet taste, which your kids are going to love. Nuts and seeds make it rich Omega-3 acids and fiber.


All these healthy snack ideas can make your kids get off with the habit of eating of junk food. It is sure that such delicious recipes and snacks will make those tiny tots and naughty teens go crazy. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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