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Writing-fun for kids

Not all kids have a passion of writing. However, writing is a very essential part of life and children must be motivated to learn writing right from their childhood.

Make writing fun for your children by trying out some of the below mentioned tips-

  1. Story filled life- Make your child’s life story filled. You must read a story every day to your child so that, he/she gains interest in that. Choose your child’s favourite book and just read it to them while you are travelling, in doctor’s office or you are just spending time with him/her.
  1. Celebrate writing- Always appreciate your child’s writing. When your two year old scribbles something and gets happy or your preschooler writes some letters celebrate it. It means that they are writing and you must encourage them by appreciating their work. 
  1. Show how you write- When your small kid hangs over shoulder and asks about what is in that you are writing, show him/her. Whether you are making a grocery list or typing an email, let your child watch. Children have a strong observing power and they learn a lot from it. Thus, do not chide them the next time when they are curious to know about what you are writing. 
  1. Writing space- Kids simply love their small corner. Create a corner that is full of papers, crayons and pencils. You can also keep spellings dictionary and a notebook to encourage your child for writing. This will give your child his/her own space to create what he/she wants. 
  1. Play games- While you are driving your kids to a restaurant, play word games instead of playing that DVD player. For instance, you can have a competition with your kids to spell out a word in five seconds. Reward them with their favourite ice cream or a toy if they win it.

Tricks to encourage writing

  1. Ask your kid to write a small story on his favourite toy or dish. This way, he/she will make an endeavor to express in writing.
  2. Resist the urge to correct your child every time when he/she tries to write something. It will discourage him/her.
  3. Scrabbles, crossword puzzles and various other word games can be of great help in encourage interaction with your children.
  4. You must always remember not to force your children for writing. It will not help them in any ways but will make them adamant. They will never develop flair of writing. Give them time and keep patience.

Parents must realize the fact that not all children are same. Never try to compare your kids with ones who write well. Give a special treatment to your children and teach them in the way they can learn faster. Good luck!



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