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7 Exciting Birthday Ideas to Make Your Kid Feel Special

7 Exciting Birthday Ideas to Make Your Kid Feel Special

Birthdays happen just once in a year. Kids hardly remember expensive gifts but they never forget those extraordinary things that you do for them. It is all about the feeling of excitement right from the moment they get out of bed and the surprises they get all day long. Thus, it is the time for you to start preparing for the birthday bash and think of all new ideas that can surprise your little pet.

Browse through some of the innovative birthday ideas below to make your lovely kid feel special-

  1. Decorating the bathroom mirror- Here is an amazing idea to make your birthday girl/boy feel special. With the help of a lipstick, dry erase marker or window marker, you can write a birthday message on the bathroom mirror. For instance, you can simply write, ‘It’s your birthday’ and make a small smiley under it. 
  2. Window marking your car- The birthday kid will feel incredible when he/she will see your car’s windows with sweet birthday messages written over them. Use a window marker and write ‘Honk for Felix’ or ‘Happy 8th Birthday etc. You can mention your kids’ name and his/her new age in the message.
  3. Decorating the room- While your little baby is sleeping, you can decorate his/her room with balloons and streamers. Even if you will decorate the doorway, it will make a big effect. Those colorful balloons and streamers are sure to make your kid excited about the birthday.
  4. Water balloons in bath- How about putting colorful water balloons in your kids’ bath? He/she is going to go crazy after seeing these playful balloons in their bathtub.
  5. Screen-free day- Children hate when their parents are always busy with their laptops and mobile phones.On his/her birthday, announce it as a ‘screen-free’ day. Just keep your gadgets aside and spend whole day with your kid. It will make him/her feel special and loved.
  6. Special lunchbox- While you are preparing your kid’s lunch, wrap some small gifts in different wrapping papers. Put these gifts in the lunch box with the birthday message on the top. Your kid will be delighted to see this surprise the moment he/she will open the lunchbox at school.
  7. Shirt with their new age- Yes, it will be a very interesting idea to gift your child a shirt with his/her new age printed on it. No doubt, he/she is going to treasure it for next 50 years to come. You can also try to get the age imprinted on the socks. It will also be a great idea to do something unique. 


    You can wind up special day with the cake cutting and your child’s favorite dishes in the supper. With these many incredible and astounding ideas, our kid is sure to get pleased, excited and thrilled. Thus, pick the unique idea and give him/her a huge surprise. Happy birthday!


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