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Tricks to Teach Table Manners

4 Tips And Tricks To Teach Table Manners To Kids

It is the time for family vacations and road trips. However, it is not that easy with your naughty little ones. They will not leave any chance to make you embarrassed in restaurants by flying food, playing hide and seek all around the place, making extreme noises, burping and doing everything else to gain people’s attention. Phew! It is the scariest dream ever!

So, why not teach them some table manners? You can start it from today by following some of the tips that have been discussed under-

1-Begin at home– To make your child learn table manners. Home is the best place. Experts believe that children learn faster when they sit at the dining table regularly with their family. At least once a week, you must teach dining manners to your kids such as placing the napkin at the right place, using fork 7 knife instead of hands, avoid burping and eating without littering. It can be the finest practice for restaurant trips

 2- Give  up technology- No doubt, you can do without your iPad and iPhones but not at the time of dining. Kids have a tendency      to observe their parents and imitate them in their life. If you are dug in your iPad and your husband is busy chatting on his iPhone then it is going to ruin all. Keep your smart devices aside when you are dining and try to indulge in conversation with your kids. Kids must learn how to socialize while eating and not just be obsessed about the latest tech devices.

Keep them busy- It is very important to keep your kids busy until the food comes. Kids just cannot sit for long at one place and love wandering but you must try to draw them back in. You can simply start with a nice storytelling, playing a game of rapid-fire questions etc. in fact, you can teach them table manners through games.

3-Right destination- Parents must try to visit places that expect lot of kids. It can be the best place to teach and test your kids. In such places, kids’ cups often come with a lid to prevent spilling and food is served quickly. They get crayons and papers to spend a good time at the restaurant. Further, let your kids browse the menu and choose their own meals.

General dining manners for kids

  1. Washing hands before and after the meal
  2. Not entertaining any pet or toys while eating at the dining table
  3. Avoid stretching out instead, asking somebody else to pass the dish
  4. Avoid speaking while munching or drinking
  5. Chewing with mouth closed and not smacking lips noisily
  6. Not combing hair at the dining instead, keep them tied
  7. Using cutlery not hands while eating

Therefore, these simple and amazing table manners tips are sure to teach your kids dining etiquettes. Do not worry, you will not have to feel embarrassed again! All the best!

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